How to Interpret Management Survey Results (Confidence Intervals)

The Bee Informed Partnership team is pleased to announce the first release of data collected in last year’s National Bee Informed Partnership Honey Bee Management survey.  These, and all future releases can be found at:

Our philosophy is to collect information from beekeepers and get it back to beekeepers as quickly and as accurately as possible to help beekeepers make informed decisions. To that end, many of us have spent a great deal of time determining how to accurately present data to you in a meaningful way. We explain how we calculated the results here and how you should interpret the results in a short video blog (vlog). Now that we have developed the mechanism to produce these reports automatically, we hope that future reports will be generated more quickly.  We also hope, as we go forward, that you find these vlogs and results helpful and that it initiates dialogue among all beekeepers.

After viewing the vlog, we encourage you to make comments on this vlog below.

And, if you have not already done, so please sign up to participate in next year’s survey here.

2 thoughts on “How to Interpret Management Survey Results (Confidence Intervals)

  1. Dennis and team,
    Thank you very much for your work and the info you are sharing with beekeepers. Anything we can do to help bees survive is worth the effort. Having started keeping bees three years ago, I am finding it a difficult but very enjoyable and rewarding endeavor. Best wishes going forward!

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