Holiday Honey Treats

Now that it is smack dab in the middle of the holiday season, my mouth is salivating with the anticipated goodies.  The cookies, cakes, pies, main dishes….yum! Who doesn’t mind a little added holiday treat? One of my favorites is a honey baked ham. It is so delicious that I can’t just have one slice and seconds and maybe thirds are a must….oh and don’t forget the left overs!  It’s always good for making a ham and split pea soup.

Honey Baked Ham
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I normally order a honey baked ham but this year I may attempt to make my own glaze with the hope not to poison anyone.  Whoever came up with the idea of a honey glaze on ham is my hero.

Oh and now on to cookies! I have to pull out my German heritage on this one and make German honey cookies, another tasty morsel.

German Honey Cookies

German Honey Cookies
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I found another amazing goodie I can’t wait to try out…honey cinnamon and pine nut shortbread fingers.  How good does this look? There will be plenty of decadent treats oozing with honey this holiday season in my house.  Thank you honey bees for all that you do! Happy Holidays!

Honey Cinnamon and Pine Nut Shortbread Fingers
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