Protein Honey Bee Feed: National Management Survey 2011-2012

Protein is generally fed to bees by a pollen substitute, often formed into patties with sugar and sometimes feed supplements and / or added real pollen. Beekeepers were asked in our survey if they fed self-made protein either containing pollen, self-made protein without real pollen, or if they used a number of commercially available protein feeds: Bee Pro, MegaBee, Global Patties, and other Commercial protein feeds.

Beekeepers who reported feeding their colonies protein feed to a majority of their colonies, at least once between April 2011 and March 2012, did not report losing more or fewer colonies than those who did  not report feeding protein. We did not collect data on how much or how frequently different feeds were applied. These factors may have an impact on effectiveness and we plan to collect this information next year. Just under 40% of beekeepers reported feeding their colonies protein. (Protein was used by 1,288 beekeepers managing 157, 687 colonies;  Protein was not used by 2, 321 beekeepers managing 75, 571 colonies). Results are broken down by individual protein sources in the attached Appendix items below.



Management Survey 2011 – 2012

How average losses were calculated and presented  |  Watch a vlog here

Appendix Items

Download the complete reports in the list below

Protein Feed

All survey reports listed here: Bee Informed National Management Survey 2011-2012 


One thought on “Protein Honey Bee Feed: National Management Survey 2011-2012

  1. I am doing a study on bee health to protein/pollen analysis and the use of supplements. Your current published studies of bee losses to crops located nearby intrigues me. Does the USDA/Bee Informed have protein percentages/amino acid breakdowns for the pollen associated with those crops? Is there a standard source to use?

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