Winter Preparation: National Management Survey 2011-2012

Some beekeepers take precautions for the winter to provide their hives with extra resources. In 2011-2012 70.6% of beekeepers surveyed (managing 155,157 hives), reported some kind of winter preparation. Nationally, there was no significant difference in losses between the beekeepers who did prepare for winter and the beekeepers did not.

Winter Preparation

When you break the data down by region, beekeepers in the northern states who did prepare for winter lost significantly fewer colonies than beekeepers who did not prepare their hives for winter. Northern beekeepers who prepared their colonies for winter lost 23.3% of hives, while beekeepers who did not prepare lost 28.4% of hives.



This information is for educational purposes only. References to commercial products or trade names do not imply endorsement by the Bee Informed Partnership or its members. The results presented here are the summary of the population who responded. The sample may not be representative of the beekeeping population at large. These results simply highlight differences in the sample population. The results cannot be considered conclusive, causative, protective, or attest to product efficacy or lack of efficacy


Management Survey 2011 – 2012

How average losses were calculated and presented  |  Watch a vlog here

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Winter Preparation

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  1. I’m Alan Davis. I have worked bees for six years and came to know when November approaches all bee-keepers should know to cover up all hives two weeks before November. good honey bees need 97 degrees and are very vulnerable to that fast drop in temperature N stands for no cold on Southerners bee , bees of all kinds. .

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