Watch out Hollywood!

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Fancy new camera!

One of the projects I have been working on this summer is making a few movies for BIP. As a journalism major, getting my hands on a camera again has been exciting. As an environmental science major, getting to make videos dealing with this subject matter has been very rewarding.

I won’t bore you with the intricacies of creating the videos, but I did want to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the movie making process!

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The green screen, we used books from the fancy – but fake – library (in the corner), to prop the computer

One set of videos are vlogs (video blogs) for our annual National Management Survey. In these videos Dennis vanEnglesdorp gives a quick summary of the major findings from each section. We record these videos in a studio space in our Non-Print Media Library here on campus. There is a fancy looking library set (ala Masterpiece Theater), a conference table with a UMD themed backdrop, and a green screen. We are using the green screen. The idea is to tape Dennis talking about the different results and then superimpose his image onto the slideshow behind him (or maybe I’ll have a little fun with it and superimpose Dennis in a beehive). We have completed filming all of last year’s survey videos, and are hoping to get those up shortly.

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Andrew getting ready to model the vail

The other videos I am working on are for a grant from APHIS. We are creating videos aimed at beginner beekeepers with instructions on what gear they need and how to open the hives. These have been fun to make and we are trying to get everyone in the lab involved. Unfortunately the weather this summer has been less than ideal, either raining for days on end or unbearably hot. We have worked through these issues and are almost done filming all the material we need.

A few weeks ago we had a colleague come in and do the voice-overs for these videos, and we also used the fancy studio room, since it is nice and quiet.

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Rooftop filming. Hot and Humid! (But the bees were very nice)

Making the videos has been a fun, sometimes very very hot and sweaty process (you can only stay on top of a roof in 100 degree weather for so long). We just got a new computer in on Monday so the next step is editing. This will be the most time consuming process, but at least I will be in the AC!

Look out for some videos in the coming months. They may not win an Emmy but they will help more people “Bee Informed”!


Visting UMD’s Rooftop Hives

IMG_0155Over the past year The University of Maryland has added a few bee colonies to the roofs of the dining halls on campus. During the year a student group takes care of the hives, but during the summer our lab is helping out while most students are away from campus. We had a great time this morning opening the hives.

They are all in relatively good shape. We tasted some very fresh wax and honey and got to see a little honey bee hatch from its comb. One hive had a ton of honey and was very heavy to lift. It was fun donning the bee suits, I am sure I will go back and visit again. Luckily the bees were not too scared of my big camera and remained pretty calm during the whole time – I would even say I saw some bee modeling going on! Check out the slide show of some pictures and a video of the honey bee hatching!

A Sweet Summer Experience

903718_10101704421198108_807950713_oHello BIP Blog readers, my name is Sarah Katz-Hyman. I am a senior at the University of Maryland studying Environmental Science and Policy and Journalism. I am excited to join the BIP team this summer for an internship experience through the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center out of Annapolis, Maryland. The internship program with SESYNC places students in labs and offices that are working on solving environmental problems that have a lot to do with sociology and human dimensions. I am excited to work with the BIP team this summer!

Ever since I wrote a paper my sophomore year in college about Colony Collapse Disorder, honey bees have always interested me. They are so important to our food supply! This summer I will be helping BIP create some informational videos, work on communications materials, and help keep the website updated! I also look forward to learning a ton about the Bee science we are doing here and the people from around the world who care about and care for these little pollinators!

I’ll try to post once a week about the things I experience in the lab and the activities I am doing with SESYNC. I’m a big fan of puns, so I am really excited to learn all the buzz about bees!