Welcome to the Bee Informed Partnership Media depot!  Here you will find our latest results summarized and encapsulated in a timely fashion with colorful graphics you can use in newsletters, presentations or on your own association or club website.

These survey results will be updated each month so please check back frequently.  All the files will be downloadable to your computer.  Previous month’s results will be archived on the right so you can always look back at earlier dispatches and find the most topical result for your needs.

Also at this location is a current Bee Informed Partnership Introductory Presentation with note pages that can be used to introduce our project, our goals, our results and a bit about those involved in this exciting project. Feel free to use it at your organization or association meeting.  Come along, join us – we promise the trip will be entertaining, educational and we will do much good along the way!

We have some other great ideas for this Media tab, but we’d love to hear what you have to say. If you have any suggestions to shorten the gap between our survey results and those who are most affected, the beekeepers, please let us know.

Contact Karen Rennich, BIP Project Manager, at

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One thought on “Media

  1. Hi,

    I work for an Australian national private company (Plant Health Australia) that was formed by the Australian Department of Agriculture, and represents all Australian plant industries, including the Australian honey bee industry. We work on biosecurity, education and training, awareness material and for eradication of exotic pests.

    I am trying to get in contact with Rob Snyder (Bee Tech Transfer Team – Butte County, UC Davis) who is listed on your website. This is because we were hoping to gain permission from Rob to use some photos that he has put on the BeeInformed website.

    In Australia, we are creating a similiar website to Beeinformed, called BeeAware.

    I was hoping you could please pass on this email to Rob, or pass on his email to me so I can get in contact with him. I was hoping he could send through some high res copies of the pictures on the website. He would of course be acknowledged for the photos.

    If anyone else on the Beeinformed website would be interested in supplying high quality photos for this website, i would be interested in hearing from them as well.

    Thanks very much for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind regards,

    Sam Malfroy

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