State and Regional Survey Reports 2013

Management Survey: State and Regional Reports 2013

Click your state to see results tailored to your region. Pennsylvania and Virginia had enough respondents for a report tailored to the state and and region level.

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Bee Informed National Management Survey 2012-2013

Management Survey 2012 – 2013 How average losses were calculated and presented  |  Watch a vlog here Watch through all the vlogs in order here. Summary of respondent losses  |  Watch the vlog! Losses by region Losses by sub region Losses … Continue reading

Brood Comb Management and Treatment of Dead Outs: National Management Survey 2011-2012

The way comb in bee hives are replaced and treated may effect the health of the hive. This summary report from the 2012 National Winter Loss and Management Survey relates brood comb management techniques to reported winter losses. Replacement of … Continue reading

Colony Placement and Honey Production: National Management Survey 2011-2012

Many bees are used for pollination of crops or happen to be kept near large agricultural areas and often feed from certain crops. There is some speculation that certain crops and therefore nutrition can have an effect on colony health. … Continue reading

Winter Preparation: National Management Survey 2011-2012

Some beekeepers take precautions for the winter to provide their hives with extra resources. In 2011-2012 70.6% of beekeepers surveyed (managing 155,157 hives), reported some kind of winter preparation. Nationally, there was no significant difference in losses between the beekeepers … Continue reading