Emergency Response Kits

With 2013 already off to a running start, we at the Bee Informed Partnership are looking forward to the coming year and the many new initiatives we are planning on launching. One such project we unveiled in late 2012 was … Continue reading

January Travel

The past couple of weeks have been filled with exciting travel and great experiences. The month of January began with our annual BIP meeting where the team gathered in Hershey, PA to discuss the year’s accomplishments and the many tasks … Continue reading

Wax Moth Damage

One of this summer’s projects involves documenting a frame that is succumbing to a wax moth infestation. As I am finding out, through this documentation, wax moths are a highly destructive moth that attack honey bee frames, chewing their way … Continue reading

Entombed Pollen

Through National Survey sampling and helping with USDA field work and forage studies I have had the opportunity to evaluate many different hives from Maryland to California to North Dakota over the past year. These hives hare both stationary and … Continue reading

Swarm Season

I am sure you have all heard it, or maybe even been fortunate, or rather should I say unfortunate enough, to witness, attempt to prevent, or have your hive succumb to what this year has experienced especially frequently—swarming.  Maryland beekeepers … Continue reading

Ranunculus Poisoning

A few weeks ago Dennis received a call regarding a Maryland beekeeper concerning what was believed to be a pesticide kill.   Throughout the conversation it was learned that there was an abundance of the common pasture weed, buttercups (Ranunculus species), … Continue reading