Swarm Season

I am sure you have all heard it, or maybe even been fortunate, or rather should I say unfortunate enough, to witness, attempt to prevent, or have your hive succumb to what this year has experienced especially frequently—swarming.  Maryland beekeepers … Continue reading

Ranunculus Poisoning

A few weeks ago Dennis received a call regarding a Maryland beekeeper concerning what was believed to be a pesticide kill.   Throughout the conversation it was learned that there was an abundance of the common pasture weed, buttercups (Ranunculus species), … Continue reading

Hive History

The summer sampling period began 10 days ago with the sixteen beekeepers participating in the Bee Informed Partnership. This sampling period places an emphasis on determining Varroa mite and Nosema levels prior to beekeepers treating with medicines this year. Most … Continue reading

Comb Management: National Management Survey 2010-2011

Dennis Explains Management Survey Results

The way combs in bee hives are replaced and treated may effect the health of the hive. This summary report from the 2011 National Winter Loss and Management Survey relates brood comb management techniques to reported winter losses. Beekeepers who … Continue reading

Carbohydrate and Protein Honey Bee Feed: National Management Survey 2010-2011

Average winter colony mortality suffered by beekeepers who used or did not use Small Hive Beetle traps in at least some of the colonies in their operation, between April 1 2010 and April 1 2011, by proportion of use in their operation.

Responses to questions about carbohydrate and protein feed, and their supplements, from the 2010-2011 survey are reviewed here. Average winter colony mortality is compared among beekeepers who reported they used or did not use various products and methods in feeding … Continue reading