BIP Survey Winner

Talking bees in Santa Cruz County

The Bee Informed Partnership (BIP) was able to draw in 5,543 U.S. beekeepers to our latest 2011/2012 winter loss survey. This number of respondents represents an estimated 20% of beekeepers in the U.S. who manage over 14.6% of the country’s … Continue reading

Hive Beetle Traps: National Management Survey 2010-2011

Figure 1. Adult small hive beetles on comb with bees.

This installment reviews the differences in reported winter colony losses related to the use of hive beetle traps. Beekeepers who reported use of Small Hive Beetle Traps in at least some of their  operations reported losing, on average, 9.2 fewer colonies per … Continue reading

Comb Management: National Management Survey 2010-2011

Dennis Explains Management Survey Results

The way combs in bee hives are replaced and treated may effect the health of the hive. This summary report from the 2011 National Winter Loss and Management Survey relates brood comb management techniques to reported winter losses. Beekeepers who … Continue reading

Carbohydrate and Protein Honey Bee Feed: National Management Survey 2010-2011

Average winter colony mortality suffered by beekeepers who used or did not use Small Hive Beetle traps in at least some of the colonies in their operation, between April 1 2010 and April 1 2011, by proportion of use in their operation.

Responses to questions about carbohydrate and protein feed, and their supplements, from the 2010-2011 survey are reviewed here. Average winter colony mortality is compared among beekeepers who reported they used or did not use various products and methods in feeding … Continue reading

Antibiotics and Honey Bee Tracheal Mite Control: National Management Survey 2010-2011


Beekeepers reported using antibiotics for brood diseases (Terramycin and /or Tylosin (Tylan)) and nosema disease (Fumagillin) in the 2010-2011 survey. Questions in the survey also asked about honey bee tracheal mite control treatments with Mite-A-Thol and grease patties. No differences were … Continue reading

How to Interpret Management Survey Results (Confidence Intervals)

Dennis Explains Management Survey Results

The Bee Informed Partnership team is pleased to announce the first release of data collected in last year’s National Bee Informed Partnership Honey Bee Management survey.  These, and all future releases can be found at: Our philosophy is to … Continue reading

Varroa Control: National Management Survey 2010-2011


There is little doubt that varroa mites are a big problem for many beekeepers. Simply put these parasites spread viruses and weaken colonies and are arguably the single most important contributor to colony losses over the last 20 years. So … Continue reading

Respondent’s Losses Profile: National Management Survey 2010-2011

Dennis Explains Management Survey Results

The Respondent’s Losses Profile reviews how management styles, region, operation size, operation type, and season affect colony losses last year as reported by beekeepers in the 2010-2011 survey. Not surprisingly, most losses are reported to occur over the winter season, although summer … Continue reading