Community health major learns about bees…

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Norriss Vassell II is a community health major  studying at the University of Maryland. His curiosity of bees led him to our lab this semester. Here is his blog…Enjoy!

I found out I was allergic to bees through being stung and have disliked them a great deal ever since. I undertook this internship to learn more about bees so that I would not hate them as much. I am ecstatic that I accepted the position for this internship because I now have a great respect for bees and what they do for our environment. This semester I worked with Dennis vanEngelsdorp and our amazing team to raise awareness for our native pollinators. These pollinators include birds, beetles, flies, butterflies, moths, and bees. The task that my partner, Dana, and I were assigned included designing brochures that will educate the public on various issues concerning native pollinators.  These brochures illustrate how to build a nesting box and why pollinators are important.  We also created a game that children could play at our booth at Maryland Day. I learned quite a bit from this experience, from learning about the various pollinators to learning about the different ways to attract certain pollinators to one’s yard.

Written By: Heather Eversole

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As a Faculty Research Assistant, I am a part of the Bee Diagnostic team located at the University of Maryland, College Park. I process samples for the Bee Informed Partnership and APHIS National Honey Bee Survey, primarily seeking out the parasitic mite, Varroa. I wear many hats including generating reports, managing lab functions as well as assisting undergraduates with honey bee related projects. Prior to my honey bee research interests I took part in submerged aquatic vegetation research projects located on the Chesapeake Bay as well as field work involving mangroves in Belize and Florida. You might say I was “stung” by honey bees and now I am hooked. I have my bachelor’s degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Maryland and always eager to expand my entomology knowledge.