BIP HiveCheck Results for Oct 1st – Oct 13th

Winter is upon us and beekeepers across the nation are getting ready! Based on our list of suggested questions we saw a lot of interest in winter preparation so we added a few questions to the survey to dive down into what folks were up to. Across the board, beekeepers are certainly getting ready but it seems from comments few beekeepers are actually wrapping or insulating their hives just yet. Predominantly comments showed winter preparations including using entrance reducers, mouse guards, and closing screens bottom boards for the winter.

You may notice we’ve made some changes! This week is the first presentation of our new experience based report illustrating what management practices beekeepers are engaging in based on our HiveYears metric. For those of you who haven’t heard, HiveYears are the number of hive managed multiplied by the number of years a beekeeper has been beekeeping. What we’re looking for here is differences within the same management practice across different experience levels. For example, in this weeks report it seems that more experienced beekeepers are treating later in the season or at least in the last two weeks in comparison to earlier stage or smaller scale beekeepers.

We’re looking forward to your thoughts on the new report layout so feel free to leave feedback in the comments section below. In the mean time, we’ll be releasing some more granular data next week around sugar syrup feeding and treatment products so keep an eye out for that!


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BIP HiveCheck National Results

Written By: Alex Jones

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