BIP HiveCheck Results for Oct 14th – Oct 27th

Here in Maine we just had our first snow flurry of the season so we thought it best to start prepping the HiveCheck program for winter. Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere! We’re working on making HiveCheck as relevant as possible during the cold months and to start we’re breaking down our national report into Northern U.S. and Southern U.S following the USDA’s recently updated Plant Hardiness Zones. We chose Zone 7 as the boarder between North and Souther where most beekeepers will see the most difference in activity during the winter months. Obviously we’ll be wrapped up and bundled here in the North while you lucky birds in the south still have some work to do to keep your hives through the winter.

Also, we’d like to thank you for your feedback on the HiveCheck program, over 90% of respondents said they’d like to keep this going and that it would be very useful for planning management in the active season. Thank you as well for your feedback on improvements, top mentions were state and zip code level analysis as well as more in depth product analysis. We’re definitely taking a look into all those options as we look for ways to make HiveCheck as useful as possible for the coming season.

The BIP HiveCheck Report get’s better and better the more beekeepers we have participating so share this post with your friends and if you’re new to HiveCheck Sign Up to be a part of the response group and receive your customized regional reports!

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Written By: Alex Jones

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