BIP HiveCheck Results for Jan 19th – Feb 2nd

37 Days til spring? I don’t buy it…seriously. For those of us in the North we’ll be having another winter storm this week and then again on the weekend. My jadedness aside, this was a fantastic HiveCheck response cycle, thank you to everyone for staying strong in these cold months and providing great insight into your hives and management.


An exciting addition to the HiveCheck survey this week was a word cloud! Below is an assembly of the top 250 words in response to the question “What are you doing to prepare for the spring?”. Personally I can identify with the many who suggested “Praying” as a primary technique. Jokes aside, Now is the time to order equipment, plan for splits and start building! Exciting times are ahead and the beekeeping season is about to begin!




Another exciting addition is the question “Did you lose any hives?”. We added this questions after many requests and its an important vector of hive activity across the nation so we’ve officially added the question. When you look at these results note that we’re only asking if something happened or not, we’re not recording severity. Keep this in mind as you interpret the results. What we hope to shed light on here is what’s normal for specific geographic regions. You’re encouraged to take these reports to your local bee club for discussion and please share results with your friends. Know that you’re not alone, we’re all in this together! Until next week….stay warm.

Your National Reports, Click to Download PDF



Written By: Alex Jones

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