Remote Tech Teams

What Are Remote Tech Teams?

While we continue to explore ways to expand to other areas, the fact is some beekeepers keep bees in places so isolated from other beekeepers that the traditional tech team model would not be economically feasible. Remote teams differ from the traditional model in that each team member will be employed by the beekeeper receiving their service and only sample that beekeeper. These team members will:

  • Receive specialized training
  • Correspond with a Tech Team member for supplies and assistance
  • Receive yearly visits from a Tech team member to ensure regular and systematic sampling
  • Have access to all operational data using our BIP database
Remote Tech Team Pic 1

Tech Team members inspecting colonies for honey bee diseases.

How do I get involved in a remote team?

To become involved in the remote tech transfer team program, interested beekeepers need to attend, or have one of their field managers attend a training program.  This training will ensure that samples and colony health evaluations will align with data collected with other teams.

Training will include pest and pathogen identification, data entry and reporting utilizing the BIP database and auto-report framework already in place. These reports will give the beekeeper or field manager the data they need to make real time decisions on management decisions.  For instance, beekeepers can compare their mite levels with all others participating in the program at a certain time of year. We hope to provide remote tech team training once or twice a year as the interest and need demand.

Who should attend training?

Apiary managers or those responsible for managing and maintaining large operations (>500 colonies) who cannot be serviced or do not want to be serviced by an existing tech transfer teams. Person(s) should be experienced in managing colonies in a commercial operation. Attendees will receive a training manual and a demonstration sampling kit. Training will occur with our nearest or most conveniently located Tech team. In some instances, we can send our Tech teams to your operation for training.