Tier 3: Real Time Management Survey

Quarterly remote management and mortality monitoring:

Photo by Katie Lee.

Beekeepers who participate in the tier 2 survey (past year monitoring) will be invited to join this effort. These beekeepers will be reminded by email once every 3 months to fill out an online survey whose completion should take 30 minutes. The survey will document management practices, colony mortality rates, and socio-economic factors in real time and year round.

We will beta test this survey tool in year 1 of this project and will initiate it officially in year 2 and continue thereafter.

Results will be summarized in a fashion similar to that outlined in tier 2, except that season of treatment will be factored into the presentation of results. Results will also be stratified so that treatment success will be compared to cumulative annual mortality rates and monthly mortality rates.

Interactive tools will be developed which utilize these results, giving beekeepers the ability to compare in real time what they are doing with that of other operations. This tool development will occur after one sustained year of monitoring. For the first year of survey implementation, summary reports will be developed and posted online. Feedback from these reports will inform us on how best to present data.

Photo by Katie Lee

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