Tier 4: Real Time Disease Load Survey

Varroa mite, ventral view. Photo by Michael Andree.

Nosema spores on a counting grid. Photo by Michael Andree.

Quarterly disease load monitoring:

Beekeepers participating in quarterly remote management and mortality monitoring (tier 3) will be given the option of entering parasite load survey data. Beekeepers will be encouraged to enter their data when collected, but those participating at this level will receive email reminders asking if they have quantified levels over the last 3 months.

By year 3, the respondents will receive instantaneous reports as to how their levels compare to historical, seasonal, and/or regional levels. This information should be of utility to beekeepers who want to make treatment decisions or who want to determine if their treatment plans are working.

Standardized sampling kits will be provided to interested and trained beekeepers. Data generated by this effort will be combined with other historical records to generate basic summaries of disease and parasite population trends, permitting beekeepers to compare current levels to historical seasonal levels as well as to current levels in their region.

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