Ashrafun Nessa

Ashrafun Nessa performs multiple tasks relating to viral analysis for the USDA APHIS National Honey Bee Pests and Disease Survey and other multiple BIP projects at the University of Maryland in the vanEngelsdorp Honey Bee Lab. Prior joining to the BIP team she worked five years in Honeybee Lab at Oregon State University on honeybee health, nutrition, and pollination. She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Zoology with an emphasis on Entomology from Rajshahi University in Bangladesh. Also, she completed some graduate work on Biotechnology at East Carolina University, North Carolina. Ashrafun joined the BIP team in 2016. She is excited to be a part of the diverse BIP team and feels proud working in a field that has a huge positive impact on beekeepers as well as in the world. Ashrafun loves what she is doing. She enjoys honey on her French toast and in her morning tea.

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