Matt Hoepfinger

After receiving a Master’s degree in computer science from Michigan State, Matt moved to Golden, Colorado where he worked in the telecom industry as a software engineer for 25 years. He started keeping bees at the hobby level in 2011, which quickly became his passion (some have called it his obsession). He serves as director of Mountain High Beekeepers Cooperative and after playing an essential role in founding the Colorado Professional Beekeepers Association, he continues to provide support for the group. Matt joined the Tech Transfer Team in California in 2019 where he works closely with commercial beekeepers in the region to assist with colony…

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Dan Aurell

Dan Aurell works with Texas-based migratory beekeepers to help them monitor the health of their colonies. He is working to better understand the stress on colonies that comes from pests and pathogens, and figuring out improved ways to mitigate their impact. Before coming to BIP, he worked in commercial beekeeping and previously worked in other areas of agriculture. Dan grew up in Sweden and Atlantic Canada and has a B.S. in Biology from Acadia University. When he is not working with bees, he enjoys playing guitar, cooking, and studying languages.

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Anne Marie Fauvel

Anne Marie is fascinated by honey bees and the people who care for them. Even though she taught Biology, Environmental and Food Systems Studies for years, she focused her research interests on honey bees and more specifically on developing better tools to study them. Anne Marie worked on a few projects in collaboration with BIP and enjoyed it so much that she jumped at the opportunity to join the team full time. She now thoroughly enjoys living, what she likes to call a full BIP life, facilitating collaboration between commercial beekeepers, BIP’s highly specialized Tech Team Experts in the field, the various research institutions, and…

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Nathalie Steinhauer

As the Bee Informed Partnership's Science Coordinator, Nathalie is based out of the University of Maryland’s Entomology Department where she completed her PhD working under Dennis vanEngelsdorp in 2017. She previously obtained a Master in Biology from Universite Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium) and a Master Research in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation from Imperial College London (UK). Skilled in experimental design, data analysis, and modelling, her research interests range from fundamental population dynamics and animal behavior to applied work in epidemiology. Self-described R-enthusiast, and beekeeper since 2009.

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