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Beekeeping and The Way of the Ninja

I love books.  I love the way they feel in your hands and the way they smell, but more importantly, I love them for the places that they take us, how they bring people together and all that we learn along the way.  As a mother, I make it a priority to pass on this…

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Catching Queens

This week I spent some time with Leonard Pankratz and his crew catching queens. It was a bit chilly and cloudy in the morning, but about noon the clouds parted and it got to be about 75 and sunny. I worked in a sleeve-less shirt and veil-less along side Linda Pankratz. After the unseasonably cold and…

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Katie Reports from the Field

The other day I did hygienic testing on Buzz Landon’s colonies while they were in the almonds. He brought his two little boys on the day we checked the test. They wore little mittens to protect their hands, but couldn’t resist taking them off to poke at the bees. We rode around from pallet-to-pallet on…

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