Citizen Science

Citizen science is a participatory method of data collection. By crowd sourcing beekeepers, we can extend our data collection beyond traditional methods. When you choose to participate in any of our citizen science programs, you, the beekeeper, can add your experiences to a growing body of data that enhances our understanding of national honey bee health and the myriad of factors that may contribute to survivorship.

We want your help!

We have a series of programs to choose from including monitoring management practices, disease, weather, and much more! We welcome you to participate in the programs that fit you and your beekeeping operation. As trust is foundational in citizen science, we strongly protect the anonymity of our participants.


Citizen Science Beekeepers inspecting a colony

Sentinel Apiaries is a seasonal, monthly monitoring program. Members send our lab samples for four or eight colonies to be tested for Varroa and Nosema, providing longitudinal data May through October.

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The annual Loss and Management Survey is a holistic questionnaire for you to tell us about your colony losses, treatment, feeding, and more. We have, on average, over 5,000 beekeepers take this survey each year!

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MiteCheck is an in-field app allowing you to self-report mite levels from alcohol or sugar shakes. Your results are added to our map to let others know what is happening in your area and nationwide.

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Hive Monitors is both part of Sentinel Apiaries as well as a stand alone program. BIP has partnered with several scale vendors to collect live colony weight, temperature and humidity to our Hive Scale map.

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