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Arnia Hive Scale evaluation May 2016:

Arnia have been monitoring hives since 2009 and now have hundreds of monitors in 25 different countries.


  • Remote hive monitoring. Hive data can be accessed at anytime from anywhere on any internet enabled device.
  • Full complement of automatic email alerts (theft, honey box full, robbing, if bees swarm, need to feed, need to add/remove honey box)
  • Scale design improves ventilation and let’s debris drop from open mesh floors. Low profile (less than 1.5”), available in a variety of colors.
  • Simple to setup, simply insert the batteries.
  • Intuitive user interface allows access to data from any Internet enabled device. Map nectar flow, compare trends over time and with neighboring hives.
  • 2 year battery life, replacement D cell batteries bought from any supermarket.
  • Responsive customer support (Telephone or email)
  • Simple interface with BIP
  • Scale performance is good
  • Additional sensors available to monitor brood temperature (to identify if queen is laying or if colony is queenless), colony acoustics (flight and fanning activity, overall hive strength) and hive humidity (identify if hive needs ventilating)
  • The user interface incorporates on line inspection records and a maps function to locate hives (with forage area)


  • Data subscription required for remote monitoring and alerts at $5 – $10 per month (multi network SIM card supplied). This charge does not apply if data is downloaded locally.


  • $380 for first scale including the data transfer unit. Each additional scale afterwards is $300


Arnia Hive Scale Data Sheet


Arnia Hive Scale User Interface Overview


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