Solutionbee Hive Scale HM-5 evaluation results, January 2018


  • Very simple and quick set up (usually < 15 minutes)
  • Relatively inexpensive (~$290)
  • Direct NFC download of data to a single (or capability of multiple) Android phones and iPhones is quick and easy
  • No SIM card required (and thus no monthly data plan required)
  • User manual is complete and thorough and includes troubleshooting guide
  • Customer service is responsive and helpful
  • Batteries are long lasting (~5 years)
  • Scale performance is good
  • Comprehensive instructions on how to share data with BIP database
  • Uses a standard replaceable lithium battery

    HM-5 Hive Monitor
    Solutionbee’s new HM-5 NFC-enabled Hive Monitor.



  • An actual visit to hive scale is required to collect data via smartphone.
  • For iPhones older than an iPhone 7,  an additional accessory must be purchased to enabled download of data from the scale.

Instructional Documentation for the Solutionbee Hive Scale

Solutionbee Hive Scale Training Slides 

iOS Installation Guide for the iPad

Android Installation Guide

Quick Installation Leaflet

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