Wi-Fi Hive Scale

Wi-Fi Hive Scale evaluation results, January 2017


  • Inexpensive compared to comparable products: $285 (Club and other discounts available)
  • Direct real-time updates to cloud via Wi-Fi.  No need to manually collect/upload data via a smartphone.
  • No SIM card required (e.g. no monthly service fees)
  • Excellent product documentation / videos.
  • Customer service is responsive and helpful.
  • Runs approximately a year on 3 standard AA batteries.
  • Batteries can be replaced without removing the hive.
  • Simple integration with BIP database.



  • Requires the hive site to be within range of a Wi-Fi access point.  Not an issue for most backyard beekeepers in a residential setting, but will be problematic for out yards.
  • A Wi-Fi extender is highly recommended to get a reliable level of service to the hive site. (an extra $60 – $100 expenditure).
  • Does not work well in enterprise Wi-Fi infrastructure.





1 – Checking Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength (Android)

1 – Checking Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength (iOS)

2 – Sensor Installation

3 – Wi-Fi Setup (for units purchased after 9/20/2016)

3 – Wi-Fi Setup (for units purchased before 9/20/2016)

4 – Registering Your Account

5 – Registering Your Wi-Fi Hive Scale with the Bee Informed Partnership Portal

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