Here you will find news articles, T.V. segments, and online reports about the Bee Informed Partnership.


11.04.2015 Saving the Mighty Honey Bee: The University of Maryland media outlet for Terrapin research and news, UMD Right Now, recently published a video news report on research that is occurring here, at the Honey Bee Research Lab and the Bee Informed Partnership (BIP).  As many in beekeeping and the apiculture research field may know, honey bees have been suffering increased losses over the past decade in numbers that have been exceeding 30% to 40% of all colonies in the nation each year.  The results from the 2014 – 2015 National Colony Loss Survey have indicated that for the first time, beekeepers have suffered larger losses in the winter than in the summer.  This is especially unusual considering summer is the period of time when available forage and food has been the most abundant, and honey bee colonies have been traditionally the healthiest.

11.01.2015  Gadden (The Sting) Recently the Bee Informed Partnership (BIP) has been receiving international attention through the journal Gadden in Sweden.  For all of our Swedish speakers out there here is a new article highlighting all of the work that is being conducted at the Bee Informed Partnership.

12.09.2014 Varroa Mite Field Sample Processing An overview of the honey bee life cycle and the evolving relationship that has occurred between Varroa destructor and Deformed Wing Virus (DWV).  This video also explores the standardized techniques we use to diagnose colonies for Varroa mites at the Bee Informed Partnership.

6.11.2014 Concerns Rise Over Pesticide Use, Birds, and Bees Dennis Van Engelsdorp speaks with Cynthia Palmer at Science Friday

5.23.2013 From Bees to Blossoms Promo for a new weather channel web show.

9.17.2013 What is it about bees? Three experts discuss why they’re fascinating, why they’re dying and what can save them

9.1.2013 Why bees are disappearing. Marla Spivak speaks at TED.

8.12.13 Declining Bee Numbers: Measures to Protect the Pollinators in Africa and Asia.

8.9.13 Plant Fungicide Might Hurt Honeybees. Voice of America talks about what is hurting our honeybees.

7.31.13 The Mystery of Bee Colony Collapse. What’s tipping honey bee populations into huge annual die-offs?

7.25.13 Where Are The Damn Bees Going?! The SourceFeed Youtube channel discusses Dennis vanEngelsdop’s latest paper on bee losses.

7.25.13 Study Shows Common Chemicals Harm Honey Bees’ Health. Dennis vanEngelsdorp talks about new findings. Listen to two radio broadcasts about the findings here:
Radio Broadcast 1 | Radio Broadcast 2

7.24.13  Study Shows Common Chemicals Harm Honey Bees’ Health. A look at increasing demand for insect-pollinated crops and declines in honey bee populations.

7.24.13 Bee Apocalypse Now. Scientists discover what’s killing the bees and it’s worse than you thought.

7.1.13 Dennis vanEngelsdorp | Why we need bees. Dennis vanEngelsdorp talks with The Moon Magazine on the importance of honey bees.

5.10.13 The Plight of the Honeybee. Billions of dollars—and a way of life—ride on saving pollinators.

4.22.13 University apiary to add eight hives with new grant money, popularity. Student groups at University of Maryland get involved with bee keeping.

4.3.13 What’s killing the bees? Honey bees have been dying off in large numbers in recent years. CBS News’ Michelle Miller reports on how this drastic increase in their death rate could threaten our food supply. (VIDEO).

11.5.12 The Rise of Urban Beekeeping in Washington. Colony Collapse Disorder is a real concern—but some backyard beekeepers are trying to combat it.

9.28.12 BIP at SESYNC. Dennis vanEnglesdorp gives a talk about BIP at the Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center.

4.1.12 Boots on the Ground: A Radical Shift in the Interface Between Research and Real World. (PDF).

3.15.12 Coordinated BIP effort aims to cut in half annual bee colony losses. (PDF).

2.1.12 A national survey of managed honey bee 2010-11 winter colony losses in the USA: results from the Bee Informed Partnership. This study records the fifth consecutive year that winter losses of managed honey bee (Apis mellifera) colonies in the USA have been around 30%.

5.26.11 PSU Leads Multidisciplinary Effort to Save Honeybees. Researchers from seven universities, beekeepers in every state, economists, epidemiologists and others have joined the Bee Informed Partnership.

5.23.11 USDA/AIA Survey Reports 2010/2011 Winter Honey Bee Losses. Total losses from managed honey bee colonies nationwide were 30 percent from all causes for the 2010/2011 winter.

5.20.11 UCCE to lead technology transfer in new honey bee health initiative. The technology transfer component of a newly funded nationwide initiative designed to monitor and maintain honey bee health will be hosted by UC Cooperative Extension in Butte County.

5.19.11 Nationwide Partnership Seeks to Halve Honeybee Losses. A new nationwide network to monitor and maintain honeybee health is being created by the Bee Informed Partnership.

5.1.09 Silence of the Bees. CCD Update from Dennis vanEngelsdorp.

7.1.08 A plea for bees. Dennis vanEngelsdorp speaks at TED.