A bee on a flower


Nutrition plays a central role in colony health, productivity, and resilience against pests and diseases. The quality of nutrition bees bring back to the nest is a direct result of the availability, timing, quantity and quality of nectar and pollen in the bees’ foraging environment.

PollenCheck✓ is an innovative mobile app designed to help beekeepers quantify the diversity and amount of pollen available to honey bees.

If you have at least two healthy colonies, consider participating in PollenCheck.


Here is what you need

If you would like to utilize PollenCheck✓, this equipment will allow you to get started.

  • Front Porch Pollen Traps (quantity 2 traps). Available at Brushy Mountain.
  • The PollenCheck✓ Kit, which includes:
    • Plastic 50mL Conical Centrifuge Tubes with screw caps. (quantity 12 tubes).
    • Plastic 100mL Clear Graduated Cylinder. (quantity 1 cylinder).
    • 1/2 TPS Measuring spoon. (quantity 1 measuring spoon).
    • Sorting scupula. (quantity 1).
    • Color wheel. (quantity 1 color wheel).
    • 1 quart Ziploc bags (quantity 1 box of bags).
    • Sharpie pen. (quantity 1 pen).

Once you have all of your equipment, download the PollenCheck✓ iOS app from the Apple App Store or Android app from Google Play Store, and sign up for a new account. Once you are ready to start collecting, you should follow the research protocol documented in this tutorial, as well as the videos below.

PollenCheck✓ Video Tutorials