The Bee Informed Partnership periodically performs field trials or contract work for industry organizations, researchers and pharmaceutical companies who want to take advantage of our highly trained, impartial Technical Transfer Teams in testing new or developmental products, effectiveness in real world settings of existing products, or new management techniques. Our known expertise in epidemiological models and statistical analyses are utilized in several contracts with those organizations who require analysis of portions of our annual loss and management survey to investigate hypothesis driven research.

Results of field trials, usually involving commercial beekeeping operations, are listed chronologically in order to be transparent about the work we do as well as the results of these trials, many of which directly benefit both beekeepers and researchers.

As with all of our data, the Bee Informed Partnership (BIP) is responsible for all source data and holds the copyright for all information presented here. All of the results generated by BIP and published here represent an unbiased assessment of any product or process, and BIP results are not endorsements of commercial products, protocols, or services. Unless stated otherwise, BIP supports the reproduction and reuse of these results, publications and figures for scientific and educational purposes, at no cost, provided that BIP’s ownership, copyright and non-endorsement status are acknowledged. When citing any of the information, figures, or other material sourced from the BIP website, unless it has been published elsewhere as a journal article, please also include in your citation: the year published (when available), title, web address, and date obtained.

BIP – Véto-pharma Apivar Field Trial (PDF)

Mar 21, 2019




BIP – Varroa In Field vs Lab Alcohol Shake (PDF)

Jan 24, 2019