Honey Bee Feed Supplements: National Management Survey 2011-2012

Feed supplements, normally containing essential oils, can be added to carbohydrate and protein feeds. The most popular inquired about in the survey was Honey B Healthy where 1,277 beekeepers (managing 108,441colonies) used the product. Their winter colony losses were less than the 3,525 beekeepers (managing 188,219 colonies) that did not report using the product. The beekeepers who used Honey B Healthy saw 3 fewer deaths per 100 in their hives (this is the first time this has been noted in the survey).


Although there was a significant difference overall with this products use, regionally there were no significant differences. Beekeepers apply this product in various ways – some mix it with liquid feed, others mix it into protein patties. No data were collected on the delivery method or the dose of product used. This variable may be important in determining this product’s effect, if any, on survivorship. We plan to collect these data in future years.

Less commonly used were the following products listed here: Vita Feed Green (reported used by 13 beekeepers), Vita Feed Gold (used by 12 beekeepers), and ApiGo (which has been used in past years, but was not used at all this year by beekeepers surveyed). More respondents using these products are needed to make confident comparisons about these products.


This information is for educational purposes only. References to commercial products or trade names do not imply endorsement by the Bee Informed Partnership or its members. The results presented here are the summary of the population who responded. The sample may not be representative of the beekeeping population at large. These results simply highlight differences in the sample population. The results cannot be considered conclusive, causative, protective, or attest to product efficacy or lack of efficacy


Management Survey 2011 – 2012

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Relevant Links, References, and Citations

  • Product Flyer: Honey-B-Healthy (HBH) is a feeding stimulant with essential oils that contains lemongrass and spearmint oil concentrates.
  • Product Development Information Page: Developers of HBH found that several essential oils improved the health of the honey bee and reversed the symptoms of Parasitic Mite Syndrome
  • FIFRA exempt: Lemongrass oil, and mint and mint oil, are considered by the EPA to be minimum risk pesticides. Therefore, they are exempt from the requirements of the U.S. Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA).

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