Sentinel Apiary Program – Hive Scale Option

Anyone can purchase a hive scale and share data to our BIP Hive Scale Map. This becomes especially powerful when paired with colony health information collected through the Sentinel Apiary Program. If you wish to join Sentinel and include a hive scale, please see the following list of “BIP Ready” scales! 

Supported hive scale vendors for the Sentinel Apiary Program:

Below is a list of hive scales that have been validated by the Sentinel Hive Scale Team (deemed Bee Informed Ready™) to be able to integrate with BIP. In each of the links below we have reviewed the scales, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages associated with each product:

The Bee Informed Ready logo indicates that a scale manufacturer has allowed our team to evaluate a scale’s functionality (including setup, integration with the BIP API, transfer of data, accuracy), long-term (usually a month) performance and robustness in a working apiary. Once the scale has been vetted and any critical issues resolved, BIP will add the vendor and product information to the list of vendors on the BIP website. The vendor will also be provided with the “BIP Ready” branding kit and guidelines for use in their promotional activities.