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The Bee Informed Partnership currently collects a wide variety of honey bee health surveillance data ranging from colony assessments made by our Technical Transfer Specialists to those voluntarily answering online surveys. Some of these data (commercial assessments) are confidential, but other data, such as that from our annual loss and management data can, and have been made available to research groups in the past who are focused on answering clearly defined problems as part of their research or to better support a grant proposal. Please contact us directly if you have such a need.

BIP has the ability to securely manage honey bee health data for you with single user logins and separate databases. This could apply to state apiary data, historical or specific trial or experimental data. We are happy to discuss your interest in using our online applications for your specific use.

We have experience creating custom mobile apps (such as our proprietary Technical Transfer Specialist remote data entry app, and the public MiteCheck and PollenCheck) with special attention to user experience and offline-first functionalities that guarantee their usefulness in remote locations. All data transfer uses https and encrypted protocols. Data stored in our database creates easy and secure access and user initiated downloads. Please contact us directly if you have such a need.

Our team is dedicated to producing high quality software and providing the beekeeping community with timely, actionable and accurate data to improve their operations.

MiteCheck is an in-field app allowing you to self-report mite levels from alcohol or sugar shakes. Your results are added to our map to let others know what is happening in your area and nationwide.

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PollenCheck is an in-field app allowing you to self-report pollen collected in pollen traps. This can help you and researchers track nutritional quality and quantity through the season.

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Explore Our Data

Explore our research data portal, a platform for publishing useful tools that are open and free to beekeepers, researchers and the public to use.

Our dynamic maps include:

This is also the home of our popular National Management tool. Come explore our data.

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