The Bee Informed Partnership management and implementation team.

Our management and implementation team is composed of an interdisciplinary and diverse group of accomplished professionals that includes research scientists, extension specialists, industry experts, epidemiologists, economists, statisticians, and database and web-tool designers. This management team is joined by experienced, equally diverse, and dynamic group of personnel who will do much of the day-to-day work required to implement and sustain this exciting effort. In many cases, our team’s personnel were chosen for their specialized expertise and demonstrated passion and dedication to helping solve the industry’s problems.

The core management team will consult regularly with both a stakeholder and scientific advisory group. Our stakeholder advisory group is comprised of leaders in the US beekeeping industry, representing such organizations as the American Beekeeping Federation , the American Honey Producers Association , the Apiary Inspectors of America, Project Apis m., the Eastern and Western Apicultural societies, California queen producers association , as well as pollinator-dependent producers such as the Almond Board and Paramount Farms . This group of “stakeholders” will help ensure that we remain focused on delivering information to beekeepers that is meaningful, useful and timely.

Our science advisory board will complement this group. Composed of internationally recognized scientists who work in the US, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland and Belgium, this group will help ensure that our work is of the highest scientific standards. Importantly, early on in the Bee Informed Partnership’s implementation, members from both advisory groups will be asked to help develop the procedures that will govern how we conduct our work. These procedures will strictly protect the confidentiality of survey participants, while being guided by our fundamental commitment to transparency and open access to the data we collect and collate.

The Bee Informed Partnership has a simple objective – increasing colony survivorship. Realizing this goal will require the participation of many more than those mentioned here. But, we believe the group assembled here has both the expertise and dedication needed to see this project and its goals realized.