There are several team members not specifically funded by us but who we rely on for their expertise and advice. As collaborators, our work often occurs in parallel with studies they are doing and are mutually beneficial to both groups.

Sue Cobey and a frame laid by a New World Carniolan breeder queenSusan Cobey, University of California Davis

Jerry Hayes, BeeLogics

Jerry Hayes discovered honey bees after a stint as a high school teacher.  Hayes has worked with and studied bees at Ohio State University, the USDA/ARS Bee Breeding and Stock Lab, Dadant, and the Florida Department of Agriculture, before joining Beeologics in 2012.

Hayes joined BIP in 2011 because “over time [BIP] will inform a pathway / direction for consistent successful beekeeping which translates into stronger pollination based agriculture, a more diverse green environment and sustainability of this important insect.”

Ramesh Sagili

Ramesh Sagili, Oregon State University