Project Directors

We have combined an interdisciplinary and diverse group of accomplished professionals from numerous universities and research labs around the country to lead the efforts of the project. These project directors form a team that includes research scientists, extension specialists, industry experts, epidemiologists, economists, and database and web-tool designers.


Hive Scale Web/API Interface Lead
Honey Bee Research and Extension Laboratory
Department of Agriculture and Consumer Economics
Butte County Support Services, California
External Adviser and Liaison with the Managed Pollinator CAP
Oversight of Project in Butte and Surrounding Counties
Collaborator HoneyBeeNet
Epidemiologist and Community-Based Researcher
Industry Expert, Area Wide Project Liaison, and Adviser
National Program Manager for Honey Bee Health
Coordination with
Marla Spivak
Tier 5 Bee Breeding Component
NC State Apiculture Program
Project Director
Information Technology Lead of Project