Scientific Advisory Board

Composed of internationally recognized scientists who work in the US, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland and Belgium, this group will help ensure that our work is of the highest scientific standards. Importantly, early on in the Bee Informed Partnership’s implementation, members from both advisory groups will be asked to help develop the procedures that will govern how we conduct our work.  These procedures will strictly protect the confidentiality of survey participants, while being guided by our fundamental commitment to transparency and open access to the data we collect and collate.

PeterNeumann-300x200Peter Neumann, The Swiss Bee Research Centre, Honeybee Pathology Section Source.

Peter Neumann has many accomplishments including Research Fellow (Rhodes University 1999-2001), Emmy Noether Fellow (DFG 2001-2005), Visiting Professor (Rhodes University, since 2003), Christian Wolff Award (MLU Halle-Wittenberg 2003), Visiting Professor (Yunnan Agricultural University, since 2005), International Visiting Fellowship (University of Western Sydney 2005), and Visiting Professor (University of Zagreb, since 2010).

BartSmithBart Smith, Bee Research Laboratory

Bart Smith is an expert in the field of apiculture specializing in honey bee diseases. “I have a practical knowledge of good management practices in handling bees. During my career, I have been involved in all aspects of the field of apiculture with an emphasis on the identification and control of bee diseases, parasites and pests. I have examined thousands of bee samples for problems, inspected thousands of colonies, handled Africanized honey bees, reared queen honey bees, divided colonies, collected honey bee swarms, and made and installed packaged bees. I have extracted, bottled, and sold honey. I continue to promote beekeeping and advise beekeepers how to effectively manage their colonies and deal with honey bee diseases, parasites and pests.”

DeweyCaronDewey Caron, Oregon State University

Dewey Caron is an Emeritus Professor, Dept of Entomology & Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware and an Affiliate Professor in the  Horticulture Department at Oregon State University.

YvesLeConteYves Le Conte, I.N.R.A. (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique), 2010-Present

Yves Le Conte is the head of the Research Unit UMR 406 Abeilles et Environnement, He is a Research Director at the I.N.R.A. (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique) as Research Director at the I.N.R.A. he is in charge of programs dealing with behavior, physiologic, genetic and pathology of the honey bee biology.

90_meixnerMarina Doris Meixner, LLH Bieneninstitut Kirchhain,

Marina Doris Meixner is an Entomologist. She is affiliated with the International Union for the Study of Social Insects, Entomological Society of America, and EurBee (European Bee Research Society).

EricMussenEric Mussen, UC Davis, Department of Entomology,

Eric Mussen is an Extension Apiculturist. He has Responded to thousands of individual contacts and cooperated with media personnel from newspapers, radio, and television to provide the best honey bee information possible to their clientele. He became intimately involved with the organization, development, and management of two national honey bee organizations: the Western Apicultural Society and the American Association of Professional Apiculturists.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAClaude Saegerman, University of Liège

Claude Saegerman is a Professor of Scientific Research. He is oriented to field epidemiology studies of animal or zoonotic diseases and risk analysis in the food chain, including primary production. His main interest is the analysis of the key factors for emergence of diseases, rare events and spreading of infectious and parasitic diseases

StevePernalSteve Pernal, Lacombe Research Centre

Stave Parnal is a research scientist of apiculture and Officer-in-Charge at Beaverlodge Research Farm.