Advisory Boards

Stakeholder Advisory Board

The board will pre-screen survey questions and provide feedback on outputs. Evolving groups of stakeholder focus groups that complement this team will pre-screen survey design and beta test utility of deliverables. The stakeholder board will be invited to the annual meeting of co-PDs, where they will report program deliverables and invite guided criticism of past and planned activities.

Our Stakeholders are responsible for bringing their unique perspectives, from several industries, to the project. Our Stakeholder group is constantly expanding, most recently we’ve included focus groups of over 1,000 beekeepers who take our survey every year to help guide us in presenting our data as clearly as possible. At the end of every year, BIP holds an annual meeting that brings together all of our project directors and stakeholders to analyze our efforts and steer our initiatives to preserve our mission and serve the public.



Scientific Advisory Board

Composed of scientific representatives from around the globe including the US, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Belgium, we hold ourselves to the highest scientific standards. Our Scientific Advisory Board has helped define our methods early on and continues to refine our protocols to strictly protect the confidentiality of survey participants, while maintaining our fundamental commitment to transparency and open access to the data we collect .




There are several team members who we rely on for their expertise and advice without specifically funding. As collaborators, our work often occurs in parallel with studies they are doing and are mutually beneficial to both groups.