Rachel Fahey

Rachel Bozarth works for the University of Maryland as a research assistant analyzing honey bee alcohol samples from the Bee Informed Partnership and the APHIS National Honey bee Survey. She specializes in Nosema spore counts, but also enjoys field work in the USDA BRL bee yards. She received her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Wesley College and wants to continue her education in Entomology and beekeeping. Before coming to BIP, she worked on a variety of projects at UMD including scouting corn fields for brown marmorated stink bug, testing the effectiveness of SHB traps and assisting with horticulture research at the UMD Wye Research Center. She joined BIP in 2012 because “I want to help make the world a better place, and BIP is doing just that, one bee at a time!”.

Written By: Alex Jones

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