BIP ArcHive: the free version is here!

The Bee Informed Partnership (BIP) is pleased to announce the release of a new beekeeper management application that is a free version of its professional honey bee health and management tracking application at!

BIP ArcHive provides a seamless way for beekeepers to record activities and observations in the bee yard, giving insights to improve colony management.

  •  Map your bee yards
  •  Track the same colonies over time
  •  Record Varroa levels
  •  Mark conditions you observe in your colonies
  •  Curate a continuous history of honey bee health!

This new application called BIP ArcHive is based on the database and hive inspection procedures used by BIP Honey Bee Health Specialists in commercial operations since 2011. The application aids the beekeeper, inspector, or beekeeping consultant in keeping track of colony health and management actions over time. The free version, BIP ArcHive, is focused for individuals to track their own colonies and quickly view a timeline of management actions and varroa levels, enabling the beekeeper to better visualize their varroa levels in relation to management they do.

BIP ArcHive home screen
BIP ArcHive home screen allows data entry and viewing a timeline of management applied and varroa levels. Access BIP ArcHive at

A web version and mobile app is available for use while networked or remote, for both desktop and mobile use. A portion of BIP ArcHive development was sponsored by a USDA APHIS cooperative agreement and continues the tradition at BIP to enable citizen scientists and aspiring professional beekeepers to utilize technology and practices used by our Honey Bee Health Specialists and Technical Transfer team.

This and other BIP programs are made possible with the support of beekeepers like you. Please consider donating to support this and other beekeeper services.

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