2010/2011 US Honey Bee Pest and Disease Survey Results


APHIS Honey Bee Survey Live Bee Kit

Several of us on the Bee Informed Partnership team also work on the USDA/APHIS US Honey Bee and Pest Disease survey and have been part of this work since it started in 2009 with 3 states (HI, CA and FL). It grew to 13 states last year and we have welcomed 33 states this year.  The results of our 2010/2011 Survey have just been released (2010/2011 US Honey Bee Pest and Disease Report). We are proud of the most comprehensive honey bee health survey to date and thank all the beekeepers in the 13 states who participated. Over 2,700 hives from the 13 states were sampled. Although the primary goal of the disease survey is to monitor US honey bee colonies for invasive pests, namely the Asian parasitic mites Tropilaelaps spp., Asian honey bees, A. cerana, and viruses not known to be in the US (Slow Paralysis Virus), we also realize that collecting current honey bee health data is also critical.  These data include common viral data (DWV, IAPV, ABPV and KBV) and other pest data (Nosema spore counts, Varroa and tracheal mite loads) across the geographic range of the US, including Hawaii.

2011/2012 Survey Map of Participating States

Now, being part of the Bee Informed Partnership, all of us know the value of these data above and beyond the pest and pathogen baseline we’re generating. All data collected from the APHIS US Honey Bee Pest and Disease surveys will be included in our BIP database and mined for any epidemiological trends; historical, geographical, cultural and temporal. We are very excited about this collaboration and look forward to showing you what we find.  But for now, please do read the report –you’ll find it interesting, I promise.

Oh, and the good looking folks in the photo include the following.  Back row: Jeff Pettis, Karen Roccasecca, Rob Snyder, Dennis vanEngelsdorp, Nishit Patel, Nathan Rice, Linda Wertz, Karen Rennich, Middle row: Robyn Rose, Dawn Lopez, Margaret Smith, Vic Levi, Jennie Stitzinger, Front row (kneeling): Mike Andree and Jay Evans.


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