Smoker Plug

It has been really busy out in the Midwest recently. Liz and I visited nine beekeepers in North Dakota the past week. Once I catch up with the work, I will write more about the experience. But for now, here is something on smokers.

Having your smoker puff billows of smoke out of your truck bed can prompt concerned drivers to warn you your truck is on fire. To prevent your smoker from getting you pulled over, you can either put it in a metal box or you can use something to plug the hole. To plug the hole you can use something like grass or a stick. Gary Reuter of the MN Bee Lab came up with my favorite idea: a spent shotgun shell. It fits perfectly in the top of the smoker and they can be bright colors, so they are harder to lose. Just make sure the shell is spent.

Smoker plug
Spent shotgun shell being used as a plug for a smoker.

The spent shotgun shell used as a smoker plug.
The spent shotgun shell used as a smoker plug.

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