Halloween and the Honey Bee

E. Frost, bee suit prototype. Logan County, ND.
E. Frost. Logan County, ND.

Halloween is coming up ladies and that means you need to pick a costume and fast. For you bee enthusiasts out there it may be difficult to waver from variations on the cute honey bee costume popularized by the “Bee Girl” in Blind Melon’s 1993 video for “No Rain.” This year however I challenge you to forgo the stereotypically fanciful costume and go for realism. For example, one could simply wear their bee suit. If you live in a Northern climate it’s the practical way to go as it will keep you warm all night. Another benefit is that with a myriad of pockets you can fill them with candy and never be in need of a snack. Should you live in a warmer clime, your bee veil can also serve to keep those pesky mosquitos away. And last but not least if you’re adventurous enough to spend the night out on the town you can always carry your hive tool with you for personal protection.

Bee Informed Pumpkin

Should you insist on showing some skin, have no fear, I have a costume for you as well. Why not don a bee bikini, also known as a beekini. This costume allows a woman the freedom to show off her assets without any danger of getting hit on as no one will want to come near you. The downside of this, however, is that no one will buy you a drink either, making this a perfect costume for the designated driver. Of course this costume is a logistical nightmare, where to don one’s beekini, how long to wear it and at what time will the carriage turn back into a pumpkin? Halloween is all about nightmares though, so I had to suggest it even in jest. Have a safe, fun Halloween and choose wisely!

E. Frost. University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN.

Be Involved. Be Included.Bee Informed.