Visting UMD’s Rooftop Hives

IMG_0155Over the past year The University of Maryland has added a few bee colonies to the roofs of the dining halls on campus. During the year a student group takes care of the hives, but during the summer our lab is helping out while most students are away from campus. We had a great time this morning opening the hives.

They are all in relatively good shape. We tasted some very fresh wax and honey and got to see a little honey bee hatch from its comb. One hive had a ton of honey and was very heavy to lift. It was fun donning the bee suits, I am sure I will go back and visit again. Luckily the bees were not too scared of my big camera and remained pretty calm during the whole time – I would even say I saw some bee modeling going on! Check out the slide show of some pictures and a video of the honey bee hatching!


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