Regional Reports – Hot off the Press!

The regional management reports from the 2012-2013 Winter Loss and Management surveys are posted here:

Click on the map in your area of interest and you will be taken to all significant results for that region in pdf format.  Because we are only posting those results that showed significant differences, report content may vary from region to region.  Please feel free to explore all regions and see the differences!  We are excited about some of the results and the Bee Informed Partnership hopes this fosters discussion among beekeepers and bee clubs and powers hypothesis driven research among scientists.

There are two states that earned their own data set due to their large number of participants; Virginia and Pennsylvania!  If you live in either of those states, you will be able to see results just from your state.  Virginia and Pennsylvania are also included in other regions so you have the choice to also choose to view reports for either the state or the inclusive region.

Due to how the regions were partitioned, Washington and Idaho are included in two different regions and again, you can choose which region you would like to view when clicking on Washington or Idaho.

We hope to provide these reports each year and to be faster and better each year.  Take a look – we think you’ll be excited too!


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