Blueberry Pollination in Maine Video

Here is a video I helped produce introducing commercial lowbush blueberry pollination in Maine. As part of a Specialty Crops Research Initiative (SCRI) project, this video series comes from the project titled ‘Pollination Security in the Northeast‘ . We interviewed blueberry growers, beekeepers, and the researchers involved in this project to get to the bottom of, how blueberries are pollinated, the challenges, and some of the work this SCRI group is doing to improve pollination security of lowbush blueberry.

Native bees are real important in bringing in the lowbush blueberry crop, overall, but commercial honey bees are real important, especially on the large commercial fields. This is the first installment  in a 7 part series covering lowbush blueberry pollination in Maine. All the video for this series was recorded in spring 2013. It is being edited and additional installments can be found at Future video recording will cover Cranberry, Squash, and other crops the SCRI group are researching.



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