Joe Traynor’s Post-Pollination Letter

Colonies Stationed for Almond Bloom, CA 2103
Colonies Stationed for Almond Bloom, CA 2103

To many beekeepers who keep a few colonies in their backyard or even for some who have 50 or 100 colonies, moving bees to pollination is not something they would ever consider.  Just like reading the Travel section in the paper or travelogues by seasoned globetrotters, arm chair beekeepers can read what happened in almonds this year. Joe Traynor, owner of Scientific Ag. Co. (a pollination service and consulting company) was kind enough to allow us to blog his latest post-pollination letter here (click on link below).  The newsletter is like reading a letter from a family member with some back-fence news included. It is always interesting and full of information that just doesn’t make the mainstream news.  Enjoy.



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