Advancing beekeeping through special projects and industry trials

The Bee Informed Partnership provide the sampling services to partners Harold Schultz (farmer) and Randy Verhoek (beekeeper) working together in the Bee Integrated Demonstration Project from the Honey Bee Health Coalition (

The agriculture sector includes many industries, such as crop and livestock systems. Unlike beekeeping, these other industries have true extension services, which direct programs for change. These changes advance the industry, promote sustainable practices, and enhance production practices. However, beekeepers have rarely had true extension services and service to their issues, until now. The Bee Informed Partnership (BIP) is a non-profit organization that provides these types of extension services to beekeepers. One major service BIP provides is special projects and industry trials. These projects and trials performed for university, beekeepers and industry experts test ideas and concepts. Laboratory and field studies need replicates in real-time situations so they can create reproducible results that will benefit beekeepers. We also run industry trials, which are experiments testing products, treatments, equipment and management practices. We develop unbiased experimental designs, and test products in real-time situations. This not only benefits the products’ advancement, but the beekeepers that are interested in their effectiveness. Please consider a donation to the Bee Informed Partnership, and help us contribute to advancements in this important industry!




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