Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Greetings Beekeeper!

The 13th annual Bee Informed Partnership National Colony Loss & Management Survey is LIVE!

In fact, it’s been live for 11 days already!

If you have submitted your answers – thank you, thank you, thank you. You are one of over 2,000 beekeepers that have done so!

If you have not, we are patiently waiting for you 😉 Remember, you only have until April 30th to participate.

The current number of survey respondents is tracking previous years. But like previous ones, we are reaching a little plateau in respondents now that we are over one week in.

That’s the signal that we need to reach out to you, America’s beekeepers!

We want to beat last year’s 5,000 responses! We also need you to be Town Criers – please pass on this message to fellow beekeepers! You don’t have to include the sketch 😉

To participate, please click HERE

To see a preview, please go HERE

Your contribution is impactful!

For example, it’s helping the Bee Informed Partnership to build annual state loss MAPS that are crucial to understanding how beekeeper management practices influence honey bee health.

So far we have built a WEB PORTAL that allows you to investigate how management practices are correlated to colony mortality.

But that’s only the start.

Thanks again for your support of our efforts! We truly believe this is a team effort by everyone.



Be Involved. Be Included.Bee Informed.

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