Waxing Poetic – A reminder of the BIP survey

Bee Informed Partnership’s Easter Basket

By Selina Bruckner, Auburn University

Dear beekeepers of America,

Easter Sunday is so close; but before celebrating we would propose,
For you to read this piece of poetry; which is much more than pure pleasantry.

April is almost coming to an end; most of which our bees have spent
Foraging on blooming flowers; while you invested all your powers
In adding boxes and catching swarms; because now that the weather warms
Bees get busy and buzz around; making their beekeepers really proud.

The question is: Have those bees, survived last winters’ freeze?
Or did you lose a colony? What an awful tragedy!
Did you check all of your hives; for the dangerous Varroa mite thrives?
Every year, BIP likes to ask; these questions to fulfill their task:
Quantify bee losses in the States; identify treatments and their rates,
Look at managements in each season; and ask: May this be a potential reason
Why honey bees will die? You can help to answer this huge “WHY”?!
So, before April ends for real; we kindly ask you to reveal
Your apiary notes from last year, and add them to the survey HERE.
The survey closes on April’s last; so go online, take the survey fast!
We appreciate your time and wish to say; Bee Informed and enjoy your day.


BIP Survey Link: https://26.selectsurvey.net/beeinformed/TakeSurvey.aspx?SurveyID=LMS2019#


Be Involved. Be Included.Bee Informed.