What’s in a BIP truck

Earlier this month, we posted a blog about some of the logistics behind the exhaustive work that the Tech Transfer Team Program accomplishes and our Board has highlighted some of the impacts they have made. Our Honey Bee Health Field Specialists drive around the country to inspect, sample, diagnose, report and consult on honey bee colony health and management practices. As reported, they drive A LOT! Their work truck functions like a mobile laboratory, filled with inspection and sampling equipment and there are many reliable electrical system you can count on to finish this work efficiently. You can read more about their truck content in this blog, but why don’t we show you what we mean?

The Field Specialists go through many sample bottles, tubes and vials, a lot of alcohol, duct tape, sharpies, and shipping supplies to name just a few items. Please consider making a donation here to keep our mobile bee labs stocked and support the BIP Tech Team efforts.



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