Bee Informed is Wonderful, So Happy to Have Them

Holiday Greetings!,

Beekeepers participating in Bee Informed programs have access to a broad network of apiculture specialists. From the Bee Health Field Specialists that provide hands-on assessments with commercial beekeepers to the lab and database techs, and subject matter experts that provide timely insights to current trends, diagnosis of observed problems, and current and best practices for fixing those problems.

But this isn’t just how I would describe BIP, let’s hear it from Jason Hough, a nuc, package bee and honey producer in Maryland who has these words to say about the Bee Informed Partnership as he was interviewed by Eric Malcolm in the video below.

As another year comes to a close, please keep our non-profit in mind with your year-end contributions to support the continued growth of our services which improve the health of our honey bees and continuation of beekeeping as a viable livelihood. Donate to the Bee Informed Partnership non-profit here.


Be Involved. Be Included.Bee Informed.