Now Live – 2019-2020 Colony Loss & Management Survey!

Given the circumstances, we hope everyone is staying healthy these days! Spring is proliferating, with fields of blooming clover, pollen-covered cars, and the buzz of flying bees.

Although these are unusual times, let’s do one thing as usual in April: Let’s take the Bee Informed Partnership’s annual Colony Loss and Management Survey!

Just click here:

Take The 2019-2020 BIP Loss and Management Survey! »

The information that you provide will be invaluable to our understanding of honey bee health around the country.

Since 2006, many thousands of beekeepers have answered the BIP National Loss Survey. This has enabled us to document and better understand long-term honey bee colony loss trends in the United States. Check out the interactive state loss map to see the results throughout all the survey years!

Those of you that have previously participated in the BIP National Loss Survey, know that it has changed and expanded over the years.

For example, we added questions related to management in 2010 to help us understand how your actions influence colony survivorship. Thanks to the endurance of our participants to answer the entire survey, we have developed a dynamic management data tool.

Bee Informed Partnership National Management Survey Interactive Database

This year’s most obvious change is that you will be asked to create a login before taking the survey. We make changes, with the goal to continuously improve the survey based on your comments and suggestions. We thank you for input! A login will enable you to take the survey in more than one sitting, and to edit the initiated survey later. Additionally, we will be quicker in assisting you with any issues you may experience during the survey. Do not worry all the information you provide is confidential and will not be distributed to any 3rd party, EVER!

You do not have to go into this survey blindly. If you would like to know what questions to expect, or if you want to take notes during your colony checks, download the 2019-2020 National Colony Loss and Management Survey Preview. Please do not mail this version back to us; this is solely a preparation for the real deal. Once you are ready: Take the survey here!

Whether you are a survey-regular or a new-Bee, we appreciate you taking some time out of your busy schedule to fill out this year’s survey from all over the country.

Your contribution is supporting research efforts at a national scale that are aimed to promote the health of our honey bees! Thank you!


Be Involved. Be Included.Bee Informed.